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The Druid and the Bracelet by Chris Dews

The Druid and the Bracelet - Chris Dews

T I T L E: The Druid and the Bracelet

A U T H O R: Chris Dews

P U B L I S H E R: Aengus Publishing

P U B L I S H--D A T E: September 20, 2015

I S B N: 9781516908868



It’s an earlier age in Western Scotland and Celtic villagers scratch life from the fields, ruled by gods and bedevilled by faeries. However, their pastoral calm will not last.
A dead king returns with a warning of doom.
Men collect young maidens for sacrifice to a new god.
A witch-girl, given an ancient jet bracelet, disappears in a flash of lightning.
Could it be, as the Arch-Druid says, that evil is leaking into the land?
A young Druid and his warrior brother set out on an impossible quest to find their dead sister. Trapped in a king’s grave, they meet an alluring young woman and together they discover the malevolent being stirring in the depths of a black loch. The disappearance of their sister is only the beginning...
Helped by a friendly ogre, the faeries, dragons led by a strangely mature eight-year-old girl, and the mysterious jet bracelet, the two brothers and the young woman battle an ancient god and its decaying-but-not-dead servant. The Feeble Wight looms; she will bring death to the young Druid unless he finds his sister in just eight days...
With action, humour, and authentic detail, this exciting story of terror, love, and self-discovery in the face of evil brings the ancient Celts vividly to life.
The Druid and the Bracelet – fantasy grows up.

I will start off by saying that while I understand that the book I received was an advanced review copy it was still rather . . . (M O R E)

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